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  • Grant Symons (Monday, July 01 13 07:47 pm BST)

    I was recently holidaying at Rocklands Farm on the western slope of Coppetts Hill,and while descending after climbing to the Trig. station I was intrigued by a curving artificial feature on the
    western slope, almost directly above Rocklands Farm and below the summit rock face.
    I was told by one of the girls working on the farm that it may have been part of the military firing range, but the curving shape did not, to my eye, suit such an application, and I would like to ask
    if that is its function.
    I did take a couple of photos, so if you do not recognize my description I could send them to you, but I need an ordinary Email address to attach to. I look forward with interest to your explanation
    of the formation.

  • john richard james lynch (Friday, March 14 14 10:39 pm GMT)

    my name is john Richard james lynch my gran lived on coppett hill she was Louisa jane dunaway my brother ashs are up on top were the old cottage was it look down on green farm that old man Kirby had

  • Jo ruck (Friday, November 07 14 10:06 pm GMT)

    My name is Jo ruck , my great nan was Hannah Jennings who was married to Len Jennings . They lived at old fields . I\'m looking for information on jack gomery who was Hannah\'s brother and the game
    keeper at Vaughn\'s est after ww1 .

  • robert glading (Tuesday, December 02 14 05:12 pm GMT)

    Rob Glading
    I`ve recently been looking into my family`s history on my maternal side and realised that when first cencus was taken 1841, my grandfather x 4, lived on Coppett Hill, name of Benjamin Lane. I would
    be grateful for any more information. contact

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