Coppett Hill
Coppett Hill

Special interest: AONB - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Coppett Hill lies within the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and our management plans reflect this. Specifically, the landscape value has to be considered, as well as handling all the other aspects of habitat management that a Local Nature Reserve requires

Coppett Hill Common provides a significant part of the famous view from  Symonds Yat Rock (the hill and woods to the right in the photo above)  and in this area, conifers are being progressively removed and native broadleaved trees are being planted to replace them – being within the AONB, local provenance for any new trees is important.

Kerne Bridge from Coppett Hill

The views from the Hill are also important and the Trust has worked with the AONB on their project to restore and maintain viewpoints.

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The Trust has also taken advantage of its siting within the AONB to obtain funding for projects such as new steps to improve access and was also involved in the AONB’s £2 million Overlooking the Wye project which helped fund the refurbishment of the Goodrich Manor Limekiln.

At the Overlooking the Wye 'Iron Age Rampage'

Illustrative of our close ties with the AONB is the fact that the AONB volunteers join us, every year, on one of our working parties and that we have put on walks for the AONB, participated in their Young Rangers scheme and have supported them at the public Overlooking the Wye events.

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