Coppett Hill
Coppett Hill

Natural History: Woodland Surveys

Extensive monitoring of the Woodlands has been carried out, with the Native Woodland Plan of 2005 being the major study. Maps from this study are shown thorough the links below.

For management purposes, the woodland is divided up into nine separate compartments and the different nature of the woodland in each requires a different approach. Woodland covers a total of 63 of the 97 ha of Coppett Hill Common

All the woodland is managed under the Forestry Woodland Grant Scheme and is certified as being managed as Sustainable Woodland.

The links below show maps 8 of the 9 compartments. (Compartment 5 is open bracken covered hillside)

Viewed from the North, Woodland is to the east, along the base of the Hill on the West and at the southern (far) end
The Compartment Structure.
map 2 - structure.jpg
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Compartment 1. The area on the East of the Hill. Mixed Woodland
map 5a.jpg
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Compartments 2 and 3 with alkaline soils to the South
map 6a some species omitted.jpg
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Compartments 4 and 6. Small leaved lime, wild service and whitebeam trees survive above the rocks
map 7a.jpg
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Compartments7,8 and 9. This area includes old plantations of Douglas Fir which are being progressively replaced by native broadleaf species
map 8a.jpg
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